Iamhere – Hyperlocal Social Network App

Out of all social media apps available online, Iamhere hyperlocal startup is a specialized application that allows people of any background, profession, hobby, or interest to connect with similar people within their neighborhood. The app can help people to learn from one another based on their choices or interests. The more people you will connect with, the more of your chances to get identified among the people.

The app overcomes the challenge of finding people of similar interest, hobbies, or professions near you. Building connection within the neighborhood is the first feature of Iamhere application. It let you connect with people or things with chats, calls, or stories. The Iamhere app is highly suitable for small business to promote their products and services among lots of people. It provides an incredible chance to find your potential customers living around you. Based on the needs and interest of your customers, you can likewise organize the campaign and advertisements that catch their attention.

For instance, if you are looking for a tuition center near your location, then create your profile and search for tuitions. The map will list the profiles of all the tuition centers available near you, and after that, you can get more information about anyone by clicking on their profile. You can involve with them either through chats or stories sharing.

The Iamhere hyperlocal startup is extremely helpful in building connection among people having similar interests and hobbies. The app is very easy to access as it is readily available at the app store. Download it from there and install it on your android device. Create your profile or avatar and find people that match your interests nearby. Privacy is never an issue with this application. Your data, including your contact number and address, would remain confidential until you want to share it with someone you know.

The unique feature of this Iamhere app, which makes it outstanding among other social media apps is that it allows you to search individually and find your interest within the nearby places. It helps you build a social community where many like-minded people can easily interact with each other. The application is getting popular day by day among millions of people. By a few clicks, you can instantly find someone that can fulfill your needs. Everything like a medical store, doctor clinic, schools, restaurants, coaching centers are available on the map, and it will show all the nearby situated things around your place.

Miniature paintings – The art of Mughal’s

In the ancient history of India, the Mughal’s period has witnessed some of the significant cultural developments. Miniature paintings are one of the most notable remarks of that era. These paintings depict the medieval history of India in a very appealing manner. The miniature paintings are deeply entrenched in the cultural, religious, and artistic diversity of India. This particular form of Indian art is also famous worldwide in the history of Islamic art. 

The miniature paintings came into existence with the Humayun reign with two Persian artists, namely, Mir Sayyid Ali and Khwaja Abd-al-Samad. The illustrations were generally enormous. Then the paintings change their form in the Akbar period where it gave the meaning of naturalism with some aerial perspective. Following this, it was less emphasized in the Jahangir reign that was more focused on court scenes, portraits, and animal studies. The paintings of Jahangir period were related to human nature. The richness of Jahangir period painting’s style, it continued to persist in the rule of Shah Jahan where it takes the shape of rigidness through art like musical parties and lovers on the terrace. However, in the reign of Muhammad Shah, the craze for miniature paintings started to decline and again got recognition in the reign of Shah Alam II & also Om Swami Paintings are popular now-a-days.

Some of the prominent aspects of Mughal’s miniature paintings 

Mughal art: The paintings are beautifully designed, building a two-dimensional design. It depicts the major events happened in the different sectors in the medieval period. The main highlight of miniature paintings is the play of colors and stories that create a rhythmic tune, thereby generating new energy in the life of people. 

Mughal style and subjects: Most of the famous artists of Mughal’s miniature paintings carved the beauty in their paintings. The design of clothes, jewels and drapes are so delicately imbibed in the paintings, giving it an unrealistic look. Every inch of the art is so royal and divinely treated. To find such meaningful miniature paintings, you can visit Eikowa- best website to buy paintings online. 

Painting techniques: The Persian artists of miniature paintings usually follow a pre-decided pattern of depiction. The artists of the Akbar period have mostly incorporated the elements of Persian style in their art with a combination of some naturalism. This miniature art has the scenes from their observation of surroundings and necessary components of the environment. 

The Mughal’s miniature paintings have always been a memorable existence of art with its uniqueness and richness in style and design. The coloring, composition, and specialization of these paintings captured the heart of Indian people. 


McDVOICE – Customer Satisfaction Survey Of McDonald’s

McDVOICE: McDonald’s is an American fast food organization, established in 1940, by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States. They rechristened their business as a cheeseburger stand. The first time a McDonald’s franchise used the Golden Arches logo was in 1953 at an area in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1955, Ray Kroc, a specialist, joined the organization as a franchise agent and continued to buy the chain from the McDonald siblings. McDonald’s had its unique base camp in Oak Brook, Illinois, however, moved its worldwide central command to Chicago in mid-2018. It is the world’s biggest eatery network by income, serving more than 69 million clients every day in more than 100 nations crosswise over around 36,900 outlets starting at 2016. In spite of the fact that McDonald’s is known for its burgers, they additionally sell cheeseburgers, chicken items, french fries, breakfast things, soda pops, milkshakes, wraps, and sweets. Afterward, the organization has added to its menu plates of mixed greens, fish, smoothies, and natural product. On an occasional premise, McDonald’s offers the McRib sandwich. Some hypothesize the regularity of the McRib adds to its intrigue.


Rules for McDVOICE Survey

  • The standards which must be followed so as to finish the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey are recorded underneath:
  • The review is available to the legitimate inhabitants of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
  • The member must be least 13 years of age at the season of support.
  • A buy is obligatory so as to take an interest in the review.
  • The representatives of McDonald’s and their close relatives and specialists are not qualified to take an interest in the sweepstakes.
  • The prize is non-transferable and can’t be traded for money either.
  • The clients are not permitted to sell or transmit their approval code coupon.
  • Just a solitary offer can be recovered by one individual on each visit.
  • The approval code succeeded at the finish of the study is legitimate for a month just from the season of procurement.

Requirements for McDVOICE Survey

  1. Underneath we have recorded the necessities for taking an interest in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. Any working gadget, for example, a Mobile telephone, Tablet, PC or a Laptop.
  3. An Internet association or Wifi association.
  4. 26 digit Survey Code present on McDonald’s buy receipt bill.
  5. Know anybody language among English and French.
  6. US legal residential card.

Step by Step Procedure for  McDVOICE Survey

Step 1: As a matter of first importance, ensure that your gadget is associated with a quick and great web association with keep away from interference.

Step 2: At that point, open the internet browser on your gadget.

Step 3: Enter the web address of McDVoice so as to visit its official site: McDVOICE Survey

Step 4: When you click on that interface, you will legitimately arrive on the study page of McDonald’s.McDVOICE

Step 5: Select your preferred language.

Step 6: Continue and enter the 26 digit review code which is situated amidst your receipt.

Step 7: At that point, click ‘Begin’ to start the review.

Step 8: Answer all the review questions truly. Your criticism must be founded on the latest experience.

Step 9: Additionally, share your suppositions and feasting background.

Step 10: In the wake of finishing, present the review.

Step 11: Give your contact subtleties and proceed.

Step 12: At last, you will get an approval code, as gratefulness for finishing the overview.

Step 13: Note down the code on your receipt and recover the idea on your following visit to McDonald’s.

Rewards for  McDVOICE Survey

When you complete your overview, you will get an approval code. You can win either a $25 coupon or voucher. You may likewise have a chance to win the money rewards worth $1000. You may get free nourishment and substantially more prizes as a reward. Be that as it may, ensure you visit McDonald’s again before the code terminates. The majority of the codes terminate inside 2 to 3 weeks. And furthermore, remember to take the receipt with you while checking in.

Customer Service of McDonald’s Survey

McDonald’s USA Contact Details

McDonald Avon: +1 317-272-6926 (Open until 12:00 am)

McDonald Pinellas Park, FL: +1 727-576-6772 (Open 24 Hours)

McDonald Waveland, MS: +1 228-467-1294 (Open 24 Hours)

McDonald’s UK Contact Details

McDonald Galashiels: +44 1896 754450 (Open until 12:00 am)

McDonald Boston: +44 1205 361307 (Open 24 Hours)

McDonald Edinburgh: +44 131 226 3872 (Open 24 Hours)

McDonald’s Head Office Address:-


Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd,13A, Jor Bagh Market, New Delhi-110003,


Tel: +91-11-24604047

Fax: +91-11-24652108


McDonald’s Corporation,2111 McDonald’s Dr, Oak Brook, IL 60523,



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MyKFCExperience Survey – Take Official Survey @ www.mykfcexperience.com

MyKFCExperience: KFC was begun by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952 at Utah, which proceeded to turn into the second biggest drive-through joint chain on the planet. As of December 2015, KFC had more than 20,000 joints all inclusive and establishment in 123 nations. Until 1991 KFC was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and a brand that is currently possessed by the Yum! Brands that likewise has Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet as its auxiliary.

Colonel Sanders comprehended the capability of having an establishment eatery after begun selling seared chicken of his formula amid the Great Depression from a roadside eatery. By mid-1960s KFC become the primary cheap food establishment binds in America to extend globally. KFC began opening establishment eateries in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and United Kingdom.

Colonel Sanders began serving the fricasseed chicken in 1930 close North Corbin Kentucky. By 1937 his burger joint turned out to be very well known and was expanded to 142 seats. The formula Sanders utilized was something he learned as a kid, and later he improved it and began searing the chicken in a weight cooker by adjusting the gear into a weight fryer. At that point in 1940, Colonel Sanders settled the KFC chicken formula that has 11 herbs and flavors. It is otherwise called the ‘First Recipe’ and had never been revealed freely separated from Sanders expressing that the fixings can be found in everyone’s rack and has salt and pepper.


Sanders diversified his formula to Pete Harman in 1952, South Salt Lake Utah, who later contracted a sign painter Don Anderson. The notoriety of KFC and its slogan was the brainchild of Harman and Anderson. Harman authored the saying ‘It’s finger-licking’ great’ and Anderson made ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken.’ Both Anderson and Herman needed to exhibit the affable symbolism of South and exoticism of Kentucky with this new brand of inexpensive food.

Throughout the years KFC USA has developed and regardless of its opposition has a brand estimation of US$13.52 billion and has a relentless deal development.

Rules & Eligibility for MyKFCExperience Survey

  • You should have an ongoing KFC receipt.
  • You should be 18 years or more established to enter the KFC Sweepstakes.
  • KFC client review is just accessible online at www.mykfcexperience.com so you should have a gadget that can get you to the study site like versatile, workstation, pc or tablet.
  • The receipt is legitimate for 7 days, so you should take the KFC overview inside 7 days after buy.
  • The coupon code lapses following 30 days to make a point to utilize it inside that time.
  • There’s likewise a point of confinement of one offer for every visitor per visit.
  • You can enter the KFC review the same number of times as you need however you can enter the sweepstakes to win $1000 money just once.
  • To enter the review once more, you will require another buy receipt from KFC.
  • Compose your reclamation code on your receipt and take it with you on your following visit to the eatery.

Requirements for MyKFCExperience Survey

  1. As a matter of first importance, Recent KFC receipt.
  2. Essential comprehension of English or Spanish is the must.
  3. Moreover, any of the gadgets which can get you to KFC’s Survey Web website.
  4. Portable, PC, Laptop or Tablet.

Step by Step Procedure for MyKFCExperience Survey

Step 1: Open their official site of KFC: mykfcexperience.com

Step 2: Check your KFC receipt for time and Survey code situated at the base of the printed receipt.MyKFCExperience

NOTE: on the off chance that you don’t have the receipt number, at that point you can likewise tap on their another connection which is given in the MyKFCexperience.com site and fill in the time, date, store number and ticket number.

Enter the subtleties and snap on “Begin” catch.

Step 3: Answer their every inquiry in the site by picking one of the given alternatives until the last page of the inquiry.

Step 4: You can likewise take an interest in their MyKFCexperience sweepstakes offer in the last advance and get your coupon code.

Take a review of Kroger input for clients to get compensate fuel focuses or markdown code for your next buy on the store.

Frequently Asked Questions in MyKFC Experience Survey

Question 1: The primary thing that you will be asked in the study is to rate your general involvement with KFC on a size of 1 to 5.

Question 2 Tell your request type in the following inquiry for example Remove, Dine-in, Carryout and providing food.

Question 3: In the following inquiry, you will be inquired as to whether you confront any issue amid your visit to the eatery.

Question 4: Next inquiry will get some information about your probability to come back to KFC or prescribe it to another person in the following 30 days.

Question 5: For the following inquiry, you will be approached to write in 1200 words your motivation to be exceedingly fulfilled or less fulfills with KFC.

Question 6: Next, you will be asked that the sustenance you requested was accessible or not.

Question 7: Next, you will be inquired as to whether any of the representatives requested that you rate KFC as Highly Satisfied?

Question 8: In the following inquiry, you will be asked ” what number time do you visit KFC in a month?”

Rewards of MyKFC Experience Survey

There are heaps of advantages for contending study cause all brands to need to advance their item by getting clients feeling and to get more overview from clients they offer review rewards like:

Unconditional present card Balance

Limits on items and administrations in the following visit

Free Food

Sweepstakes point

Customer Service of MyKFC Experience Survey

Phone: 1-345-753-2532
Address: 800 Virginia ave fort pierce FL 34982, USA
Open Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM


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Mycfavisit – Chick-Fil-A Survey at www.mycfavisit.com

Mycfavisit: You probably come through Chick-fil-An in any event once on the off chance that you are in Atlanta. It is the most prestigious chicken eateries giving the best ever chicken dishes in Atlanta. It was named as Dwarf Grill when it is was begun by Truett Cathy in 1946. The name itself looks like that it was a little estimated eatery giving the best dish which was ever found in the city. The taste and administration of the store was the reason that it wound up developing as the best and just its very own solitary one kind everywhere throughout the world. Presently it’s the world’s biggest chicken eateries with its own one of a kind special and yummy taste that can’t get in any piece of the world.

When it was renamed as a Chick-fil-An it was not known by anybody in that environment but rather soon the news spread as the renamed type of that old mainstream eatery that won hearts of a wide range of individuals and the store picked up its old ubiquity inside no time.


History of Mycfavisit Survey

The organization was established in 1946 by S. Truett Cathy, in those days however it was known as the Dwarf Grill, later turning into the Dwarf House. It wasn’t until 1961 that the name Chick-fil-A was enrolled by Cathy after he found a fryer that could cook a chicken filet in a similar measure of the time it would take to cook a burger. At that point in 1967, he opened up his first store, which was entirely a shopping center in Atlanta.

Like other inexpensive food chains, they embraced the establishment demonstrate for an extension, however, they kinda kept it exclusively in shopping centers until they opened their first independent eatery in 1986. The vast majority of their stores have adhered toward the southern states however in 2015 they opened a colossal, 5000 sq. ft, a three-story eatery in Manhattan. They expanded to Canada yet there’s at present just one, at Calgary air terminal.

Rules & Regulations for Mycfavisit Survey

  • You should be a client of Chick-Fil-An and have obtained a thing at any of the eateries.
  • The bill receipt of Chick-Fil-An ought not to be more seasoned than 7 to days.
  • Ensure that you have the receipt and the code imprinted on it.
  • Give a substantial email to get a sandwich coupon code inside 24 hours in the wake of finishing the Mycfavisit review.
  • Any individual whose relative is a worker of CFA can’t partake in the review.
  • You can take an interest in the overview just once in multi-day with legitimate receipt.
  • Any client can take the 5 reviews web based utilizing the official site.
  • One can’t recover money for the study as the organization serves a free sandwich coupon as it were.
  • You need the study receipt until you get the free sandwich into your hands.

Step by Step Procedure of Mycfavisit Survey


Step 1: Go to the URL of the Chick-fil-A Survey at Mycfavisit Survey

Step 2: Enter the Chick-fil-A review code given on the receipt so as to enter the overview.

Step 3: Subsequent to entering the overview the clients will be gotten some information about the area they visited on their latest visit to Chick-fil-A.

Step 4: At that point, the clients will be approached to rate their latest visit to Chick-fil-A and browse alternative running from exceptionally fulfilled to exceedingly disappointed.

Step 5: At that point, the clients will be solicited to rate the speed from the administration, the exactness of the request and the nature of administration on the size of very fulfilled to profoundly disappointed.

Step 6: At that point, the clients will be gotten some information about the inside, condition, and tidiness just as the frame of mind of the staff individuals.

Step 7: At that point, the clients will be approached to list down any issues, issues or concerns they looked amid their visit to Chick-fil-A.

Step 8: Answer every one of these inquiries genuinely and present answers.

Step 9: After finishing the Chick-fil-A Survey, the clients will be given a coupon code which can be reclaimed on the following visit.

Rewards of Mycfavisit Survey

  • On finishing the overview until the end you will be compensated $1500 or any coupons for limits. You are getting the advantages of finishing the overview procedure.
  • Get A Free Sandwich on completing Chick-fil-A Survey

Customer Service of Mycfavisit Survey

Phone Number: 1-866-232-2040
Support Center: 5200 Buffington Rd, Atlanta, GA 30349, USA
Mailing Address: Chick-fil-A CARES
P.O. Box 725489
Atlanta, GA 31139-9923


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MyBKExperience – www.mybkexperience.com [Official]

MyBKExperience: Burger King is a standout amongst the best and greatest drive-through eatery chain on the planet. It is likewise the second biggest cheeseburger cheap food chain on the planet. Presently, some of you might be ordinary clients of the eatery. In the event that you have a receipt or an ongoing outing to Burger King, at that point, you can take an overview of the official site of Burger King.

An endless supply of this Burger King review, you will get a free coupon code as a reward. You can get a free Whopper with a request of a beverage and a side by recovering this coupon.

Moreover, the official review site is anything but difficult to get to and the overview is additionally practically straightforward. In this post, we will perceive how to take the study and get yourself a free coupon code from Burger King.


About MyBKExperience Survey

Burger King is an American cheeseburger and drive-through joint chain. With its central station in Dade County, Florida; it has more than 15,000 areas everywhere throughout the world in more than 80 nations. Burger King is exceptionally mainstream for the nature of their administration and incredible taste of the burgers. It additionally represents considerable authority in soda pops, milkshakes, plates of mixed greens, and a great deal of other eatable things.

Burger King is the second biggest cheeseburger chain on the planet. Established in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, the organization kept running into monetary inconveniences and was purchased by two of its franchisees and was renamed, Burger King. The organization would change hands multiple times in the coming years.

In the following area, we have clarified the correct and entire technique of the MyBKExperience Survey and how you can enter it. Likewise, note that this review is just for the general population who have really visited a Burger King eatery in their general vicinity. How about we proceed onward to the My BKExperience overview strategy.

Eligibility for MyBKExperience Survey

  • To enter the Burger King study you should have a legitimate receipt from your ongoing feast at a Burger King area
  • You’ll have to spare your receipt to enter the code on the receipt into the online overview
  • You’ll require a PC and web access to get to the study
  • You’ll likewise need to talk either English or French, as those are the two dialects the review is offered in
  • To reclaim your complimentary gift coupon, you’ll have to likewise buy any S/M/L estimate drink and a required side at the normal cost
  • Money esteem 1/100 of a penny
  • Breaking point 1 study for every visitor every month
  • Must take overview inside 48 hours of a visit to be qualified
  • Not legitimate with some other offer
  • Not accessible to workers or their families

Step by Step Procedure for MyBKExperience Survey

Step 1: Go to the official site for the Burger King review MyBKExperience Survey.

Step 2: Pick the language you need to take the overview in.MyBKExperience

Step 3: Enter the Restaurant Number of the Burger King area you last visited. This number ought to be printed at the highest point of your receipt.

Step 4: Snap the orange Next catch.

Step 5: Enter your Burger King study code. You can discover the code at the base of the receipt.

Step 6: When you are prepared to begin the study, click Start.

Step 7: Keep in mind that you have to address every one of the inquiries so as to get the Burger King coupon code toward the finish of the My BKExperience Survey. The inquiries will be identified with the Burger King menu, eateries and Burger King client administration.

Questions & Prizes of MyBKExperience Survey

Clients who are going to endeavor the overview of burger ruler at My Bk Experience then they should need to know the sorts of inquiries which they will get in the Burger King Survey. The overview will just get some information about the burger lord consumer loyalty review. The inquiries are as the scale. In this way, the client needs to choose the dimension of their BK fulfillment. In the overview, it’s about the fulfillment of supper which was served to you at the burger lord eatery. The overview will likewise get some information about the benevolence with the staff of the burger ruler. You may likewise be asked with respect to the neatness at the Burger King Outlet. The two central points which are tidiness and neighborliness truly matters at an eatery. The customers will feel great when they visit at the outlet of the burger lord.

The MyBKexperience review likewise needs your rating to the nourishment things w2hich you obtained from the Burger King. Afterward, the review will solicit you the path from purchasing the menu. There might be likewise an inquiry in which they get some information about the area of the burger lord in which you visit regularly. Further, you will get an inquiry that you need to prescribe the burger ruler to somebody or not.

That is it, all the inquiry which you find on the MyBKexperience. When you complete the BK review, you will get an approval code of BK. That code is the prize of your support in the My Burger King Survey. The coupons of the burger lord become the purpose behind the general population to take a section in the review.

Customer Service of My BKExperience Survey

Customer Service Number: 1866-349-2493

Headquarters Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, FL 33126, USA

Founders: David Edgerton & James McLamore

Headquarters Office Contact Number: 1-305-378-3000


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